Tax reliefs in connection with COVID-19


What can you request for

The Czech tax office published a handbook for businesses in connection to coronavirus dssease. All businesses may request for:

The postponement of the deadline for tax return submission relates to:

The request for the postponement of the deadline is not possible for VAT returns. Nevertheless there are some reliefs relating to the late submitting:

If VAT return was submitted late, there is also an automatic remission from the fine for the late submission of tax returns also for payers who, based on an individually submitted request, were at least partially remitted a fine for not submitting the VAT control statement (CZK 10,000; 30,000; 50,000) due to coronavirus spread. Assuming that, this late tax return will be submitted no later than the day when the related VAT control statement was submitted.

For more details please visit the website of the Czech tax administration.

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Tax reliefs in connection with COVID-19 16.5.2020

The Czech tax office published a Handbook for taxpayers in connection with coronavirus disease.

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